Our Sonneblom Home open it’s doors in 2012 with Ronella van Niekerk, sister of Johan and Ben. Ronella started the home as a single foster parent and made great differences in the lives of challenging teenagers.

In 2022, we, in collaboration of Child Wellfare in Vanderbijlpark, appointed new permanent foster parents, Sybrand and Annetjie Vermeulen, who use to be Ronella’s support with the children.  This appointment was considered as they knew all the do’s and dont’s of the house and children.

Most of the Sonneblom home’s children were moved back to our Sonneblom home and new children were placed with Sybrand and Annetjie.

The children has adjusted well and our Sonneblom Home is doing well.

The Sunflower symbolizes faith, adoration and God’s love. True faith and loyalty to something much bigger and better than ourselves. That is why our Sunflowers are looking up.

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