Our Kosmos home started in 2006 with one child in foster care and onwards we relized the need of place of safety and foster care for children in our community. This was a passion that was laid on Ronel’s haert by the Lord and she knew that it was their calling. Johan and Ronel stared in 2006 as Kosmos home and establised the Jabes Foundation in 2011. Ronel had this dream where the Lord revealed to her the prayer of Jabez as in 1 Chronicles 4, “… enlarge my territory” from there the name Jabes Foundation.  Since this day God blessed the Jabes Foundation and it grew to the current three houses where there are approximitaly 25 children taken care of.

Ronel passed on in 2021, with more than 400 children that were placed with Johan and Ronel. Today the Jabes Foundation is still Ronel’s legacy, by the grace of God and Johan is still caring for the children who were placed with them at our Kosmos home.

The simbolic of the Cosmos flower as per Ronel’s vision is, since the Kosmos flower is blooming in winter time, so will God take a “broken” child’s hand in the winter of his/her life.  It also refers to in Afrikaans, “Liefde vir die kinders Kosmos niks”.  The Cosmos flower is a symbol of God’s love for all creation.

Jabes Foundation
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