The Jabes Foundation was established in 2011 to make a difference in the welfare of abused and abandoned children.  This is a dream which came a long way, eleven years ago, where God gave us the passion to make a difference in these children’s lives.  The main purpose of the organisation is to provide a normal home environment where children in need are placed, by the different Welfare Organisations, Police and Children’s court, in save- and/or foster care.

The organisation started in 2006 from one house, with one child in foster care to three houses (Kosmos-, Sonneblom and Frangipani house) where plus minus thirty two children are currently cared for.  In the days of only the one home, several children, (more than four hundred and fifty) were placed through the years and the need is growing by the day.

The Jabes Foundation is a ministry that exists to bring God’s glory by significantly advancing the physical and spiritual quality of life of South-African foster children.

This is our dream and vision. First and foremost we want to give all credit and glory to God. He is the author of this mission and we depend completely on His sovereignty every step of the way. For a person to understand their real physical and spiritual quality of life, they must first be introduced to the real Author of life. Our vision above all in this ministry is to share Him.

We, at the Jabes Foundation, want to realize the full potential of our children. We want to ensure that they will be able to reintegrate their community as healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults.

Our mission is to construct and operate family-style care homes providing a living environment conductive to strenghtening and positioning the lives of foster children so they may be fully equipped and prepared to lead productive and godly lives.

Our ultimate aim is to heal the hurts and abuse of their past and establish their self-confidence in order to prepare them for re-entry into community.

We strive to achieve our mission statement through numerous residential childcare programes, community based development programs, ongoing family focuses and family based supportive service, individual and group intervention, permanency planning and close networking with external welfare angencies and organizations.

We are a Non Provid Organisation (NPO) and Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO) and the financial statements are audited by PVE Auditors on an annual basis as required by law.  Also required by the deparment of Social Development is to submit a yearly report and audited financial statements to the Department.  Al three of our homes is located in Vanderbijlpark and accommodate all ages of children, even up to post-secondary students. Our passion is also to take care of the children even after the age of eighteen and to let them study to pursue a career and thus prevent them from ending up on the street or other unwanted places.